Swahili 2 – Greetings

ok Sawa Sawasawa   Ni hivyo That’s all Is that true? (when you pronounce it ending with a question mark) That is how things are   Pole   Sorry And to quantify...add ‘sana’ Sana   Very much Greetings Mambo? Sasa? Una-endelea-aje? Uko aje? Hali? Jambo Poa sana Fiti Poa / poa sana Poa sana Fiti…Read more Swahili 2 – Greetings


Does biodiversity matter in the office?

Kenya is a fast growing economy with the young professionals, entrepreneurs, young working class and urban populations living and working in the Capital City, Nairobi. According to http://www.indexmundi.com about 24% of the total population lives in urban areas with 4.36% annual rate of urbanization and with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 4.7% in…Read more Does biodiversity matter in the office?