Swahili 5 – Days & Months

Days of the Week - Siku za Jumaa Week - Jumaa Day - Siku Time - Wakati Time (what time is it?)  - Saa Time (duration)  - Muda (mu-da)  Monday - Jumatatu Tuesday - Jumanne Wednesday - Jumatano Thursday - Alhamisi Friday - Ijumaa Saturday - Jumamosi Sunday - Jumapili .................................. (Ju-ma-ta-tu) (Ju-ma-n-ne) (Ju-ma-ta-tu) (Al-ha-mi-si)…Read more Swahili 5 – Days & Months


Swahili 2 – Greetings

ok Sawa Sawasawa   Ni hivyo That’s all Is that true? (when you pronounce it ending with a question mark) That is how things are   Pole   Sorry And to quantify...add ‘sana’ Sana   Very much Greetings Mambo? Sasa? Una-endelea-aje? Uko aje? Hali? Jambo Poa sana Fiti Poa / poa sana Poa sana Fiti…Read more Swahili 2 – Greetings

Swahili 1

My experience learning French has emphasised just how interelated a language is to the culture.  To understand a culture is to learn the language, and vice versa.  How I may greet a person at a first meeting majorly indicates my culture. Understanding the culture of the native speakers as a student learns the new language, helps explains…Read more Swahili 1

#WildlifeLore – Zebra

It is timeless knowledge that wild animals have lived alongside human beings. Often keeping their distance from human beings who would either kill them for food or domesticate them. Currently, rapidly increasing human population and subsequent conversion of land for people habitation, industrialization and infrastructure have increasingly threatened the continued survival of wildlife every where…Read more #WildlifeLore – Zebra

Kenya and the additional burden of climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report identifies food insecurity as one of the key risks of climate change, potentially affecting all aspects of food security. Climate-related disasters (e.g., floods and droughts) are among the main drivers of food insecurity and the Kenyan economy has already indicated to be very sensitive to…Read more Kenya and the additional burden of climate change

Sustainable Development is urgent in Kenyan Economy

Climate change combined with rapid population increases, economic growth and land subsidence could lead to a more than 9-fold increase in the national risk of floods in upcoming towns in the 47 counties between now and realization of the Vision 2030.Among the reform agendas identified to set the Kenyan Economy on a strong recovery path…Read more Sustainable Development is urgent in Kenyan Economy

Does biodiversity matter in the office?

Kenya is a fast growing economy with the young professionals, entrepreneurs, young working class and urban populations living and working in the Capital City, Nairobi. According to http://www.indexmundi.com about 24% of the total population lives in urban areas with 4.36% annual rate of urbanization and with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 4.7% in…Read more Does biodiversity matter in the office?