Sustainable Development is urgent in Kenyan Economy

Climate change combined with rapid population increases, economic growth and land subsidence could lead to a more than 9-fold increase in the national risk of floods in upcoming towns in the 47 counties between now and realization of the Vision 2030.Among the reform agendas identified to set the Kenyan Economy on a strong recovery path…Read more Sustainable Development is urgent in Kenyan Economy


Does biodiversity matter in the office?

Kenya is a fast growing economy with the young professionals, entrepreneurs, young working class and urban populations living and working in the Capital City, Nairobi. According to about 24% of the total population lives in urban areas with 4.36% annual rate of urbanization and with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 4.7% in…Read more Does biodiversity matter in the office?

Upcoming Annual General Meeting

To all MembersThis is to remind all our members of our 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on Saturday 25th January 2014 at the Nairobi Safari Walk Hall from 10.00 a.m. Agenda of the AGMMinutes of the 16th AGMChairman's reportTreasurer's reportElectionsAOB Members will vote in the 2014 FoNNaP Board for the following posts:ChairVice-ChairTreasurerSecretary6 Board Members The audited accounts will be…Read more Upcoming Annual General Meeting

Rest Peacefully Serah Nyawira Kariuki

Cucu....I can’t remember you without being in my life; I remember with fondness that when you vivited our home, my mother looked happier and my father smiled all the more,My mother forgave all my mistakes and I was allowed to play until dusk and you never left without giving me some coins for the offering…Read more Rest Peacefully Serah Nyawira Kariuki

John Njenga wa Kamau; the essence of Father’s day to us

I describe it a two hands’ journey; harmonizing to make a clap and that the sound of our life A happy journey; a frustrating journey A rich journey; a lacking one A painful journey; a healing one A boring journey; a full exiciting one How did the ten year old grow into me? You watched…Read more John Njenga wa Kamau; the essence of Father’s day to us

Welcome to Richard Turere’s Send off Party on 17th February!

To all Members, We are happy to announce that Dr. Paula Kahumbu will be hosting a big send off party for the young Kenyan lion hero and inventor, Richard Turere who will be travelling to Long Beach California to speak at the TED conference. We invite everyone who would be interested in coming to his…Read more Welcome to Richard Turere’s Send off Party on 17th February!

What are the Lion Proof Lights?

The Turere LED lights are an automated lighting system of lights flashing intermittently   that deters large predators - lions, leopards and cheetahs from invading livestock sheds in Kenya. This device was invented by now 12 year-old Richard Turere and modified by Michael Mbithi of FoNNaP. The system is being installed and put up in Boma shelters…Read more What are the Lion Proof Lights?

On this my road…

On this my road to Timbuktu, in search of my cave full of gold and love; the way, clearer to me, leading to my cave of gold and love - I saw a vision last night.But alas! For now I must cut down my pace;my Sprit refusing to keep up with my many hurried effortsfor…Read more On this my road…

unseen world

They come in one by one, sometimes the twos in tow; old and young; fat and thin tall and short; physically worn-out weakened emotionally lacking financially Detached socially, broken and torn apart they come in to seek the Savior, to redeem their howling souls from deepened sorrows this salvage world sets; A savior to save…Read more unseen world

Threading into future

Seeing these thread designs so complicated, simple and beautifully standing out among millions, I fell in love with them and  I keep these memories in my heart to fire me up to get my own house or even space where I will practice and try out maybe a different design and setting from these great source of inspiration! Now that I have…Read more Threading into future