Tribal at this time? Come back you have lost your way!

What is tribal? And my tribe? And you get sensitive when I ask of tribe?
I know there shall always be classes and levels and groups and tribes
As long as people are born into the world
As the beautiful ones get born every year
The differences set us apart to make us compatible stock-photo-diversity-transparent-hands-on-white-background-126578357
For beast against humans
Haves against have-nots
Skinny versus plump
Light skinned versus dark skin
Natural hair versus relaxed
Walking versus driving
Man versus woman
Hippies versus cool
Young against old
Children versus adults
Digital versus analogue
Rural against urban
Who is that to eat away some tribes but dine royal at the tribe hotel
Our differences make the Life; are the reason, and the Joy of Our Creator
If you are violent because them are different from you, it makes you a fool
If you divide and reject because them are not of your tribe, you fool yourself
If you build on hatred because we speak different languages, you live foolishly
Love is that bridge between our differences; love is the essence of all Beings
Happiness is appreciating the differences and let them be.


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