Rest Peacefully Serah Nyawira Kariuki


I can’t remember you without being in my life; I remember with fondness that when you vivited our home, my mother looked happier and my father smiled all the more,

My mother forgave all my mistakes and I was allowed to play until dusk and you never left without giving me some coins for the offering on Sunday reminding me not to miss Sunday school

You have been a great inspiration

You have listened to our frustrations

You encouraged us to trudge on and poked funs at our fears

You watched us eat and would grow into big girls and boys

And in us, year in, year out You are the one strong pillar at the top and at the bottom the glue holding us together

Not more than once, we would try to imagine you as a child when we were young and all we could see was a strong woman, who has always listened to me, fed and clothed me, encouraging and inspiring me

The sacrifice you made for our parents stretches one corner of the Earth to the other coming back to trickle down to the fifth generation that you have had.

We remember you with the knowledge you shared with us

We remain amazed by your ability to embrace all peoples and be kind and generous to all

And we live humbled by the Lord’s favour upon you and us throughout the times we have shared with you

Great Woman, Grandma Great-greatMa, Greatest Ma we shall miss you dearly 🙂


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