John Njenga wa Kamau; the essence of Father’s day to us

I describe it a two hands’ journey; harmonizing to make a clap and that the sound of our life
A happy journey; a frustrating journey
A rich journey; a lacking one
A painful journey; a healing one
A boring journey; a full exiciting one

How did the ten year old grow into me? You watched me grow to pay my own bills, and now to say I know better than use all my money for cakes and clothes
How did the stubborn teen, grow into me? You watched me grow to appreciate the presence and joys of my family and even extended family
I would choose you all the time and I thank God that He choose you for us.
It has not been easy, neither has it been hard
It is not what I had expected and wanted; Nor do I want to tell tomorrow
It is of today I am grateful to God for a past spent and the future coming
The lessons that seemed so hard are now our breathing line;
The teachings that seemed so irrelevant have come to be the spine of our lives;
The experiences we so loathed have come to make us little heroes in our own ways;
And the moments we so longed to run away from have become our reference lessons;
Now I am all grown up I have taken up speaking like you: Quoting you ….you are not perfect, I am not perfect and the moment is now, not yesterday, and not tomorrow to live;
Yours words all along are becoming a lifeline: and I know why you urged
Best we forget the tears and take the inspirations;
Best we forget the bitter times and remember the joys;
Best we forget the mistakes and carry the lessons;
Best we forget the losses and take the cautions;
Best we forget the diseases and cherish the healing miracles;
Best we forget the pains and broken hearts and learn to trust in God;
Best we forget what we have wronged each other and cherish that we have had each other;
Best we forget the times we have fought and remember the lessons, cherish the peace and carry on the teachings;
Best we forget the times we have fallen and count the times we have stood up and carried on to conquer;
Best we forget each other weaknesses and cheer each other on;

At ten, I wanted more clothes, more toys, more money. Now I work to buy my own and I know better;
At teen-age, I wanted more, more and more freedom, now that I am my own, I know better;
At twenty, I wanted you to face the world for me, years down the line, I have learnt better;
And today I know this one unchanging thing: I would not choose any other to take your place.

Often when one of us landed in deepest of trouble, you would ask…’whose child are you?’ And under the same breathe answer, ‘you are my child, and we are together.’ And this I will pass on to my children.

You taught us to stand in unity in adversity and to hold each other in storms and floods;
The lessons were not what I would have envisioned, but now I would not change a thing;
Bringing up my siblings, bright as stars, ambitious, little heroes, and sharp as razors is one lesson we are yet to learn if we have learned
And all the days of our lives, you have lived to ask…’where are the people of this home?’ and we have grown to appreciate the ‘people’ of our home, our Mom.

And in many ways, you and mom have held our backs, supported us through troubles and joys, through griefs and heartbreaks, through wins and losses and all the time, you have always shown, she leads…we follow.

Looking back, there is nothing to change but lessons to take up, it is not perfect, yet no mistakes and you remain irreplaceable
Like the sun is to the skies, the clouds is to the rains, moon and stars to the skies, we remain we, we for each other, father and mother to children, children to mother and father; Apart we cannot tell

Every day has been a Father’s day and this one day gives you a breathing pause when we appreciate you as a father.
I can write and write but we know the better part, the journey continues in life and love

©Nyawira Njenga 2013


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