Welcome to Richard Turere’s Send off Party on 17th February!

To all Members,

We are happy to announce that Dr. Paula Kahumbu will be hosting a big send off party for the young Kenyan lion hero and inventor, Richard Turere who will be travelling to Long Beach California to speak at the TED conference. We invite everyone who would be interested in coming to his practice session which will be this coming Sunday 17th February, 2013, at Brookhouse School starting 10.00 am.  Snacks provided 🙂

Please reply/rsvp by inbox to fonnap1@gmail.com  to be included in the guest list.

Please tell your friends and invite them on our behalf……..the more the people the merrier the party 🙂 




A brief about Richard Turere

Richard Turere is the young man who invented the lion proof ‘boma’ lights also referred to as Turere LED lights which are an automated lighting system of lights flashing intermittently   that deters large predators – lions, leopards and cheetahs from invading livestock sheds in Kenya. He invented the lights when he was only 12 year-old and the lights have been successfully replicated in many other bomas/homestead in Kitengela, Laikipia and Machakos and no predator attacks reported in the homesteads with the lion lights!


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