On this my road…

On this my road to Timbuktu, in search of my cave full of gold and love;
the way, clearer to me, leading to my cave of gold and love – I saw a vision last night.
But alas! For now I must cut down my pace;
my Sprit refusing to keep up with my many hurried efforts
for this moment now, having seen  much of my world,
The road has grown tougher and many a bandits swelled in number, knowledgeable in tactics and bloated in jealousy;
pushing to posses these riches that keep me on far ahead

But now I want to lose them and take my sweet time
for the youth of me has been wisened,
the woman in me advised,
the child in me cautioned
and the adult in me prepared.

and I will sit and
watch the flower buds blossom for I am patient;
It’s in my list to watch the pupae moult into a butterfly for I have the time;
I can watch the grass grow and wither; time is on my side

I will stop and watch the maggot become the infestive fly;
and I will sit still as the pregant megaharbivore finally feeds its young by its side;
and I will marvel as pastures turn green to brown! and the sun gives way for the rains
and the wheat I help plant become dough for the villager’s guests.

For my cave of gold and love remains my full focus,
from my vision last night I keep all my strength together.
In faith, I will reach my cave
But for now, I take my time to handle my obstacles
and I take my time well.


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