After the sun l…


After the sun looks away

I meet her on the road

From borrowing a few embers from the other her

She hurries past me into the dark path

The hot platter on her hand.

I know her mind is calculating,

Her heart racing,

Time is confined under the moon.

Moons and stars and eyes of the night do not see her

Neither does she notice them;

Her eyes unseeing,

Her ears unhearing,

Her back groaning and numb after the day’s loads,

Her toe tips still in pain: maybe a nail is rotting

That steep hill up and down under burdens

In the aged tight shoes will eat her legs away.


Hurriedly she prepares the night food

Serving in hush to her people.

And harshly chews her.

Time is bereft under the moon.


In bed to rest her body and wander her soul

Her mathematics begin: in navigation and vectors, across algebras and angulations,

She comes to answers; some to naughts

In every last trial, and in deep thoughts


Her past lessons;

Her today’s   experience;

Her future anticipations.

What happened to her life’s fortunes?


Her dreams and yearnings, her talents and visions;

Wishings and fantasies, great will and abilities

Full life, of knighted husband and angelic babies

Long ago time passed

Long ago overtaken by priorities

Long crushed and stomped on.

Her husband’s life she lives,

Relatives she narrates;

Her offspring: her breathe and life.

Her community web she knits daily as her own life



Its only while after the sun has looked away

And moon shakes from her slumber in shine

Does her get to live her life;

Overturning and raking her fantasies

Sleeping on her yearnings

And waking up on her wishes

When the Sun looks away

Her gets to be woman in her own taste and liking;

Her dreams those of a Her Woman.


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