A haven for my secrets; the pool of my tools; the soil for life;

My art, a love I live, my complicated sophistication;

A dauntless courage among the exposed with unlimited tentacles,

Fearless of rejection,

Courageous to exposure.

Boundless in time,

Unbound in imagination,

Fun in experience.

The eagle in soaring attitude keeping above the clouds, my altitude high;

the hawk: focused on my target to live on them to the last breath;

the swallow: swift and fast, behind in my trail is a swish and swash in the air, my presence felt and unseen;

the cordon bleu: small and light; fragile and pretty

the Speke’s weaver: delicately telling my story in weaves, tirelessly in an amazing way knowing too well my nest is my style.

This is my chosen lifestyle.


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